Why choose Accurate Traffic Counts?

Our commitment to consistently completing all traffic data collection projects under strict deadlines, and to the full satisfaction of our clients, account for the outstanding reputation that ATC has earned in the industry. We reduce our clients' time spent in preparing and conducting traffic data collection, and eliminate their need to maintain and store inventories of expensive data collection equipment.

Cost Effective & Time Efficient

The outsourcing of traffic data collection services allows transportation professionals to focus their time and resources on planning and design. Our services allow our clients to eliminate the need to own, store and maintain expensive inventories of traffic data collection equipment. We can also reduce the amount of time our clients spend away from the office arranging for and conducting data collection. Our Services typically are less expensive and more convenient than performing the work internally.

We also provide a high level of convenience for our clients. All data collection needs can be filled with just a phone call. After the data is collected it is promptly processed, reviewed for accuracy, and sent in electronic format to our clients.

Safety First

Traffic data collection is very dangerous work if not done properly with the correct equipment and training. Our successful safety record is due to our strict policies on and off the road.
All Accurate Traffic Counts vehicles are properly equipped and all technicians are required to undergo safety training and wear the appropriate safety gear. Our equipment and training meets or exceeds all OSHA safety standards.

Fully Insured

Accurate Traffic Counts, Inc. is fully insured with proper commercial vehicle insurance limits, and $1,000,000 in General Liability, Professional Liability and workers compensation insurance.
"Certificate of Insurance is provided upon request, naming our clients as additional insured."

Professional Experience & Certifications

Accurate Traffic Counts, Inc's principal and staff have over 50 years of combined experience in the collection and management of traffic data projects. All of ATC's field technicians have high levels of experience, and have all been fully trained on safety standards by the Florida Department of Transportation.

ATC has a remarkable track record of providing reliable traffic data collection services throughout the State of Florida for over 20 years. Accurate Traffic Counts, Inc. holds various statewide and inter-local certifications including:

  • DBE - Florida Department of Transportation
  • MBE - State of Florida
  • UCP - State of Florida
  • MWBE - Orange County, Florida
  • MWBE - City of Orlando
  • MBE - Hillsborough County, Florida
  • MBE - Osceola County, Florida
  • MBE - City of Kissimmee, Florida

Advanced Equipment

Accurate Traffic Counts, Inc. utilizes the most recent technologies and equipment to provide traffic data collection accurately and efficiently. We currently have a large inventory of automatic traffic recorders and electronic count boards, allowing us to collect data on jobs varying from small surveys to large statewide projects. We utilize the most state-of-the art equipment from the following manufacturers:
  • JAMAR Technologies
  • Peek Traffic, Inc.
  • PAT America
  • Timemark, Inc.
  • Miovision
  • Wavetronix
  • PAT America
  • Metrocount