Data Services

Accurate Traffic Counts, Inc. can provide, but is not limited to, the following data collection services:

Portable ATR Classification Counts

Utilizing the most advance ATR technologies we provide accurate classification, speed and gap studies on a wide variety of roadways. Multi lane classification counts present some challenges that Accurate Traffic Counts, Inc. can overcome. Utilizing advancements in both recording equipment and sensor technologies we can provide our clients with accurate classification data on the majority of roadway sections.

Manual Traffic Surveys

Accurate Traffic Counts, Inc. employs an experienced and reliable staff of Data Collection Technicians to conduct various traffic surveys including, but not limited to the following:

  • Directional Turning Movement Counts
  • Parking Occupancy Surveys
  • Manual Classification Counts
  • License Plate Surveys
  • Vehicle Occupancy Surveys

Portable Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) Volume Counts

Utilizing ATR portable tube counters Accurate Traffic Counts, Inc. will provide accurate volume counts on any type of roadway. Counts can be conducted on roadways ranging from small residential streets to high volume interstate roadways. High volume roadways are typically completed during the overnight hours to eliminate the need to shut down any travel lanes and to avoid any impact with the traveling public.

Advanced Technology

Since 1993 Accurate Traffic Counts, Inc. has also been keeping up with the most recent technologies that go beyond road tube sensors. There have been advancements in both the recording and data collecting devices as well as the recording sensors. These technologies will only improve in the future and Accurate Traffic Counts, Inc. will be there as the products are tested and proven.

We currently have the following technologies in our inventory:

Video Collection Unit

The Video Collection Unit (VCU) is a portable camera used for capturing traffic video prior to conducting the study. The VCU can be used for both directional turning movement counts and mid block traffic data. This technology is useful for very difficult 12 hour intersection counts which require additional people to provide breaks. It is also very useful for 24 hour or more volume counts where typical "tube" counts will not work. An example would be a driveway count where vehicles are not channelized to travel over road tubes.

Jamar Side Mounted Radar Counter

This counter allows ATC to conduct traffic volume/speed data on two lane roadways using radar technology. One of the advantages of the Radar Recorder is that it is all but invisible to drivers. Since there are no road tubes in the road, and no other obvious signs that data is being collected, you get unbiased data without drivers changing their driving habits and skewing the results.

Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) with Loop Sensors

ATR counts with loop sensors allow ATC to connect to State Transportation Department's existing loop sensors that are located on many high volume roadways.This eliminates the need and safety problems that occur when conducting data collection on high volume high speed multi-lane roadways.

Wavetronix High Definition Radar Sensors

Utilizing advance radar technology these sensors can record classification/volume/speed data on 12 lanes at one time from the side of the roadway without ever having to enter the travel lane. Most of this equipment has been designed and sold to state transportation departments to utilize on a permanent basis. ATC has devised a system which allows us to use the equipment from the side of the roadway on a portable basis, allowing us to move it from site to site on an as need basis.

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